About Bryande.....

Author: Bryande A. Murray I was 8 years old when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 40. As is imaginable, it is a difficult task to try to explain "cancer" to a child so young. My parents did their best, but certain details get left out when you're trying not to frighten your children. Most of what I heard about my mother's battle at the time came from my then 12 years old sister, and even she wasn't fully aware of how dangerous the cancer could be. My mother is a fourteen year survivor, and now that I am older I realize what a strong person she is to have faced such a scary and dangerous disease, and to have overcome it.

It is for her and others who have fought this disease, or may be in the process, that I wrote this book. I hope that it gives courage and strength to them, and sheds some light on what a child's perspective is on such a terrible disease.

Never give up, and always stay strong.